Our History

Robo Hamsters was formed in October 2012 as a FIRST® robotics team. Our team’s name was inspired by the species of hamster known as the Roborovski hamster (Robo Hamster for short). Our 2013 robot was named Paige, after the team leader’s little sister’s pet Roborovski. Robos may be little, but they are fast and have a strong endurance level, which is what we are striving for in our robots!

Our team faced many challenges in our rookie year. Our first challenge was trying to find a home. Eventually, we found a home for the 2013 build season, with the St. Luke’s School (a private Christian school). St. Luke’s School offered their pavilion as a workspace, late in 2012. Our second challenge was to build two robots. One for our FRC® team and another for our Vex team.

By the end of our build season, we had two awesome bots ready for competition. Our Vex robot competed in February and March 2013. Our FRC® robot competed in March at the DC Regional as well as the World Championship in April 2013.

In addition, we faced a few other challenges that we eventually overcame, through our team’s persistence, such as financial shortages at the very end of the “build” season, we had 2 key team members quit, which left the Robo Hamsters without enough players to compete in DC in less than a week before they started. Yet, despite these difficulties, we finished with a great ending to our FIRST® season; our team made it to the finals at our regional! This great accomplishment landed our team a spot to compete in the FIRST® World Championships, in St. Louis, Missouri! Which is an extremely difficult achievement for a rookie team. None of which would have been possible without the excellent support of our sponsors, mentors, parents, and FRC® Teams 1522 & 3373. This especially wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of VirginiaFIRST and Team 1885, who lent us some of their members, so that we could compete at both our regional and the World Championship event!

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