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Who Are We?

Robo Hamsters is a robotics club based in Culpeper, Virginia. We have 4 different divisions covering ages 6 – 18. Our divisions are:

Members of Robo Hamsters participate in a range of activities including designing the robot’s specifications using computers, constructing the actual robot using a variety of building materials, learning how to use power tools and hand tools,  as well as how to work safely.

Other areas that Robo Hamsters members participate in include marketing, fund-rasing and artistic design, which includes:

  • flyers for advertising
  • fundraising packets for our sponsors
  • promo team buttons
  • bumper stickers
  • posters
  • t-shirts
  • web design
  • and more…

In addition team members will learn valuable business skills, such as approaching businesses for financial sponsorship.

So, as you can see – there are a lot of different aspects to the Robo Hamsters and there is at least one area of interest for everyone to be interested in to sign-up and participate.

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